Volume 1 Issue 1 2011
Developing skills to differentiated instruction in preservice teachers
Slapac, A. & Catapano, S. Pages 11-31
Targeted instruction for preservice teachers: Developing higher order thinking skills with online discussions
Schwartz, J. & Szabo, Zs. Pages 32-51
The ethical discourse between relativism, universalism and globalization
Cioară, I. Pages 52-62
Boredom and the illusions of postmodern psychotherapies
Pătroc, D. & Perţe, A. Pages 63-75
 Temporal experience and the components of aggression
Roşeanu, G. Pages 76-87
The investigation of negative causal attributions and their relation with the social support for the cancer patients: A test of the helplessness theory
Marian, M. & al. Pages 88-105

Volume 1 Issue 2 2011
The relationships between dispositional coping and personality variables
Măirean, C. & Turliuc, M. N. Pages 7-28
Values and ethics of Community Psychology
Cioară, I. Pages 29-42
Inequality in action
Potter, J., Tileagă, C., & Hepburn, A. Pages 43-60
Recent life experiences: psychometric data in the case of west area of Romania
Oprea, I., Marian, M., & al. Pages 61-78
The psychosocial factors involved in shaping marital couples attitudes towards domestic violence in western Romania
Chipea, F., Miclea, R., & Mada, B. Pages 79-103
Temporal experience as a component of social problem solving
Roşeanu, G. & Piroiu, A. C. Pages 104-114
The role of the social support in alcohol-related disorders
Dindelegan, C. Pages 115-125

Volume 2 Issue 1 2012
New international exchange programs between the United States and the former Yugoslavia: Cross cultural public higher education collaborations
Csapó-Sweet, R. M., Slapac, A., & Panjeta, L. Pages 7-24
Changing trends in a changing world: The need for being timely and flexible
Szabo, Zs. & Calista, M. Pages 25-43
The impact of technology on families
Huisman, S., Edwards, A., & Catapano, S. Pages 44-62
Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for adults
Podea, D. Pages 63-78
Temporal dimensions and social problem solving
Roşeanu, G. Pages 79-92
Psychometric information on loneliness. Psychological aspects from the western part of Romania
Marian, M. Pages 93-101

Volume 2 Issue 2 2012
Becoming the language you believe
McMahon, J. Pages 7-19
Parental attitude and adjustment towards children with Down Syndrome: A comparative study
Ghojavand, Z. & Ghojavand, G. Pages 20-32
Gender stereotypes in Romanian society. Implications for the measurement of masculinity and femininity
Stan, R. & Secui, M. Pages 33-53
Influence of gender and home environment on educational aspirations of Indian adolescents
Jagpreet Kaur Pages 54-64
Preservice teachers using blogs to reflect on field experience
Szabo, Zs. Pages 65-76
Violence risk in personality disorders
Petriş, A. O. & Podea, D. Pages 77-88
Adaptation study of the Problem Solving Inventory on the Romanian population
Marian, M. & Roşeanu, G. Pages 89-101
The relationship of self-regulation and self-efficacy with academic stress in university students
Arabzadeh, M., Kadivar, P., Nildel, F., Kavousian, J., & Hashemi, K. Pages 102-113

Volume 3 Issue 1 2013
The Romanian CES-D Scale: A promising instrument for clinical and non-clinical use
Stevens, M. J., Constantinescu, M. P., Uscătescu, L., Ion, C.B., Butucescu, A., & Sandu, C. G. Pages 7-21
Home environment as a predictor of psychological well being among adolescents
Jagpreet Kaur Pages 22-33
Students’ choice of optional subjects
Peter, K. & Banciu, V. Pages 34-42
Teacher-student relationship through the lens of parental authoritative features
Turliuc, M. N. & Marici, M. Pages 43-53
The study on relationship between behavioral dependence to computer and internet and psychological health
EbadAsgari, M., Ghaziyani, M., & Bermas, H. Pages 54-63
The effects of teaching self-efficacy on students’ cognitive engagement
Arabzadeh, M., ShafyNadery, M., Mahmood negahban salami, & Bayanati, M. Pages 64-73
The explanatory value of the factors included in a complex model of predicting adolescents’ and pre-adolescents’ behavioral disorders
Chisăliţă, D. & Podea, D. Pages 74-88

Volume 3 Issue 2 2013 
Implications of learned helplessness in social problems and physical health
Marian, M. Pages 7-10
Comparative early infant milestone development: Measuring babies and engaging parents, East and West
Dickinson, A. R. & Zheng, E. Pages 11-21
Causal model of behaviour problems perception by the teenagers` families
Marcu, R. & Filimon, L. Pages 22-37
Influence of a Romanian phytotherapic produce called „Antistres”, containing Ginseng, on anxiety and salivary Cortisol, in one exam of exams student session
Jurcău, R., Jurcău, I., & Colceriu, N. Pages 38-51
Causal psychological factors involved in dental phobia
Mărginean, I. Pages 52-62
Application and efficiency of Reality Therapy in clinical and educational context: A brief review
Mocan, D. Pages 63-69
Modification of dysfunctional patterns by the means of counselling in the case of teenagers facing behaviour problems. The role of the family in maintaining the results
Marcu, R. Pages 70-99

Volume 4 Issues 1 and 2 2014 
Dilemmas of long-term unemployment: talking about constraint, self-determination and the future
Gilbert, K., Tileagă, C., & Cahill, S. Pages 7-33
The pro-social behaviour in young people in the technical studies. Sociological research
Jitaru, O. Pages 34-45
Using electronic resources to teach computer literacy: students’ perceptions and use
Yager, S. E., & Szabo, Zs. Pages 46-67
Practising summarizing within cooperative groups - experimental study
Popa, C. Pages 68-77
Family and school environment determine social skills among Indian adolescents
Kaur, J., & Singh, D. Pages 78-92
The socio-demographic factors of career indecision
Perţe, A., & Pătroc, D. Pages 93-104

Volume 5 Issues 1 and 2 2015 
Socio-cognitive correlates for the lives of the attendee of religious services in western Romania: mental health versus hopelessness
Marian, M., Roşeanu, G., Mocan, D., & Cioara, M. Pages 7-20
The Prediction of pre-marriage relationships in Turkish University students through Five Factor Personality Dimensions
Aslan, S., & Taştan, N.  Pages 21-30
Readiness grade. A way of organizing and achieving the educational process as viewed by teachers of multi-age grades
Popa, C.  Pages 31-41
Action for citizenship education of character education using project citizen model at senior high school in Indonesia
Trisiana, A.  Pages 42-53
Mentoring non-traditional undergraduate university students
Laurian-Fitzgerald, S.  Pages 54-63
Relationship between life satisfaction and present time perspective: a study on emerging adulthood
Dwivedi, A., & Rastogi, R.  Pages 64-72
Preparing the teacher-researcher: performance assessments in an online educational research course
Szabo, Zs.  Pages 73-86

Volume 6 Issues 1 and 2 2016
Predictors of psychosocial adjustment in adolescents with chronically ill parents: testing the moderating role of family functioning and perceived social support
Ciudin, M., & Turliuc, M. N.  Pages 7-24
Efficacy of Behavior Modification Therapy in relation to Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Behavior among primary school children in selected schools at Coimbatore, India
Sellakumar, G. K.  Pages 25-41
Application of group psychological counselling
Aslan, S.   Pages 42-52
Organizational climate and sleeping disorders: the mediation role of workplace conflicts’ impact
Constantin, T., & Maidaniuc-Chirilă, T.  Pages 53-68
Students’ degree of satisfaction towards their specialization and mode of education
Popa, C.  Pages 69-80
System of “the way to moral self” work as innovation in preschoolers’ moral education
Lokhvytska, L. Pages 81-105
The influences of inter-item correlations and sample sizes on the classification indices under item response theory: the simulation study
Suaklay, N., Lawthong, N., & Kanjanawasee, S.  Pages 106-120
Personal factors of professional participation in the context of vision impairment - brief
Răcășan, R.  Pages 121-129
Development of capacity building model on teachers’ assessment information use based on collaborative immersion approach
Phanchalaem, K., Sujiva, S., & Tangdhanakanond, K.  Pages 130-145